4 Week Lunar Flow Yoga Series

Lunar Flow Immersion – a four-week yoga series aligned with the moon cycle. An opportunity to enrich your yoga with powerful cyclical practices, bring conscious awareness to the phases and energies of the moon, and increase a sense of deep trust in the bigger cycles and rhythms of life.
4 Week Lunar Flow Yoga Series
If you’re practicing yoga, you’ve probably heard of sun salutations. But have you ever practiced moon salutations? How about full moon salutations or a moon phase salute? These practices for the different lunar phases honour both the moon above and the little moon inside (the menstrual cycle).
Our moon, ruling the tidal movements of our oceans, strongly affects the depths of our emotional and energetic body. If you sometimes feel out of sync or your energy and emotions are fluctuating unpredictably, aligning your yoga with nature’s cycles can be a powerful practice to restore balance.
For a long time Charlotte never considered adjusting her activities or practice to the lunar cycle. She then wondered why she didn’t always feel in flow. She felt like a surfer who didn’t check the tides and is blaming herself for not catching a single wave!
What would happen if we began to align with the energy that is already present, rather than fighting against the current?
Charlotte believes in doing so we would know when to best rest and ease, or for creativity to flow. Allowing life to move through us, not against us. The answer is found awareness. No more, no less.
It’s one thing knowing this, but a whole other story living it. Sensing these changes on a physical, mental, and embodied level. This is where yoga comes in. As we fine-tune our awareness and honour the different moon phases through our bodies, our intention starts to transform into a lived experience. A sense of deep trust arises in the discovery of how our bodies and the moon can co-create.
Over the course of one lunar month, this series of four yoga classes and guided meditations will reconnect you to these cycles. You’ll learn how to honour the different phases of the moon and her distinct energies on and off the mat.
This is a welcome space for anyone seeking a stronger connection to their cyclical nature and the cycles around them.

7pm – 8:15pm
4 weeks on Tuesdays from 26 October – 16 November

Nadi Wellness Queenstown

Charlotte Friedrich

In Studio Investment: $85 for 4 weeks

Online via Zoom Investment: $50 for 4 weeks

Charlotte Friedrich is passionate about supporting women to reconnect to their innate wisdom, intuition and freedom found through our bodies and nature’s cycles. Poetic and powerful her practices weave together movement, breath and stillness. She gently guides you to the tender edge of becoming and unbecoming. An invitation to nourish your nervous system, creativity, and feminine power.
Since her first yoga teacher training in 2015, she had the opportunity to share her work with courageous women around the world through retreats, workshops, immersions and now at Nadi.
Charlotte is a certified women’s wellbeing practitioner with a MSc in Positive Psychology & Coaching Psychology, and brings specialist training in Yoga as Therapy for Women, Women’s Self-Care and Menstrual Cycle Awareness to Nadi. She works embodied and cyclical, with body, mind, heart, & spirit. Having recently returned to Aotearoa from Ubud, Bali—Charlotte now calls Queenstown home, and loves it.