4-Week Meditation Series

with Sandi Murphy, Kathy Ramirez, Daisy Perkins & Heidi Firth

Meditation 4 Week Series

with Sandi Murphy, Kathy Ramirez, Daisy Perkins & Heidi Firth


This series will show you different techniques by 4 different teachers to help you use your breath and your body “as a bridge between the conscious and unconscious mind” and leave you free of the mind’s weight.


This meditation series will offer you the opportunity to experience a deeper understanding of the self

Become more aware of your habituated reactions and beliefs and learn to unlearn through conscious observation, exploration and openness.

Through both guided instruction and the practise of sitting with yourself in presence awareness and silence, find peace in mind & body

Connecting with your breath and trusting that mother earth will support your weight and mental headspace will create the conditions for feeling more grounded.

When we feel grounded we are better able to respond to whatever arises with more wisdom and compassion.

The art of meditation is in practise and repetition. Consistency of practise is the path to a greater sense of ease, freedom and happiness.


Week 1 with Sandi Murphy: Tuesday 28th June

Week 2 with Kathy Ramirez: Tuesday 5th July

Week 3 with Daisy Perkins: Tuesday 12th July

Week 4 with Heidi Firth: Tuesday 19th July


Meditation has been a life changing journey for many. Using it alongside the breath brings clarity to the mind and an awareness that helps so much in both day to day life & deeper spiritual exploration.

The modern world is so fast with so much “stuff” coming at us every moment, and meditation gives the essential balance of space to process it all, and ultimately get to better know oneself.

Regular meditation practice is supportive of one’s overall health and is a tool that can be relied on to settle the spirit in times of unease and help approach life in a grounded and empowered way.

  • WHEN

    7:00pm to 8:15pm
    4 weeks from 28th June to 19th July 2022


    Nadi Wellness Centre
    Level 2, 50 Stanley Street, Queenstown


    Sandi Murphy, Kathy Ramirez, Daisy Perkins & Heidi Firth


    $85 for 4 weeks (in-studio) or $25 for a drop in | $50 for 4 weeks (online via Zoom) or $15 for a drop in

Week 1 with Sandi Murphy


Join Sandi for a journey into experiencing your dimensionality through visualising and cultivating a feeling sense of the inner systems of the body.

This meditation awakens you to the inner constellation of your glandular bodies as the guardians of your health. The glands of the endocrine system are the star-like emanations effervescing in the inner cosmos of you. They secrete hormonal elixir’s to protect and balance your inner chemistry and some glands also perceive and receive frequencies from the wider field quantum field

When our glandular system is acknowledged and is functioning optimally we are better able to heal and prevent disease. Stagnation and calcification transmute into vitality and rejuvenation.

Take a tour of the glandular bodies within you via the flash light of your presence awareness and learn a powerful Kundalini Rejuvenation Meditation and Pranayama which opens the healing and preventative capacities of the endocrine system. This practise opens you to your inner luminescence.

SANDI’S meditation is dimensional, eclectic, and soulful, weaving together a synergy of embodiment practises which collectively offer a whole body/mind journey. This provides students with an opportunity to deepen in understanding and receive new insight by coming into direct and intimate union with themselves.

Sandi emphasises empowering, intuitive, grounding and heart opening alignment principles and also allows time for restoration, philosophy and moments of stillness. Known for her lyrical prose and poetic storytelling she transports people out of the surface “every day” state, inspiring and awakening them to reconnect to their sacred inner being.

Week 2 with Kathy Ramirez


Join Kathy as she guides you through the understanding that sometimes, meditation doesn’t look like sitting on a cushion. Find the comfort and discomfort in being fully in silence and stillness, and allow yourself the opportunity to observe your breath and body sensations while being present to the madness the mind can create without any distractions or coping mechanisms. 

During your time together, it is her hope that you will all find comfort sitting in the presence of one another, following breath and sensation to gain a deeper awareness and light-hearted approach to the madness that can enslave the mind.  You already have the key to peace.  What she offers is to walk with you and remind you that you are not alone, and a reminder that on or off the cushion, meditation is more than a practice, it is a way of living and being in the world.  

KATHY’S meditation has involved self-discovery in an attempt to be a conscious and compassionate human being, doing her best to heal from past traumas in order to meet each moment as whole and resilient as possible. She has attended various meditations such as Vipassana Retreats (as taught by S.N. Goenka), and workshops such as The Presence Process, and has used those teachings to become a modern-day pilgrim and walk the Camino de Santiago. Since 2012, meditation has been an integral part of her life and this technique continues to serve as her daily practice.

Week 3 with Daisy Perkins


Join Daisy for a Love and Heart meditation. This meditation is designed to guide you on a journey inwards to the heart and explore what you find there, and to focus in and expand on compassion and love. You can expect to be taken on a journey inwards as the Daisy guides you to focus on harnessing a loving energy within yourself and sending it outwards towards others.

DAISY’S has had her ups and downs with meditation as most have. After all, it’s not an easy thing to sit down and decide to do. It has taken her a long time to feel comfortable in a meditation space, but with practice and determination, it is now an important part of her life and routine. It helps Daisy find a calmness in her everyday life and has aided her greatly in stress relief. The gift of meditation is something she’s incredibly excited to be sharing. It’s made such a profound difference in her life, so to help someone in their own meditation path is a true joy.

Week 4 with Heidi Firth


Join Heidi for a meditation adventure to weave together all parts of self :: Mind + Body + Spirit

In this session you can expect to be guided on a journey through aspects of your being – to aid in bringing awareness to the subtleties of self.  Hone in and give space to that which resides within, to magnify your bodies inner wisdom & language.

HEIDI is her Inner Child embodied.  She has a deep curiosity for the intricacies of her being & is constantly exploring & learning.  Having spent near two decades studying, unraveling & healing subconscious patterning & wounds, she brings a wealth of embodied wisdom to support & guide others through meditation, healing & talk therapies.

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