4-Week Kundalini Yoga Series with Sandi Murphy

4-Week Kundalini Yoga Series
Love Life in Colour – ‘Get your wheels spinning’ for balance, vitality and vibrancy
with Qualified Kundalini Yoga Instructor, Sandi Murphy


17th August – 7th September Nadi Queenstown
Tuesdays, 7pm-8:15pm

4 WEEK CHAKRA beginners series
Week 1 – Roots & Grounding to cultivate a healthy Bowel System
Week 2– Creativity and Flow to support and strengthen Hormonal balance
Week 3 – Action & Will Power for balance & to strengthen Digestion System
Week 4 – Love & Compassion to support & strengthen Immune & Circulatory systems
This beginners level 4 week series combines conscious guided breathing practises, postures in sequence (kriya), mudra’s (hand gestures) deep relaxation, mantra and meditation.
A chakra is a centre of organisation that receives, assimilates and expresses life force energy (prana). There are 7 key chakra or spinning wheels of energy that stack from the base of the spine to the top of the head. Each chakra is a spinning sphere of bioenergetic activity that emanates from the major nerve ganglia branching from the spinal column. Our basic physical and mental health is dependent on the natural functionality of each chakra but through the practises of kundalini yoga these can be activated and enlivened for optimal wellbeing.
Each class in this series will correspond sequentially with each of the first 4 Chakra from the base to the heart centre preparing us for the higher dimensional chakras (which we will experience in the next 4 week series!)
The chakra correspond to different nerve plexus or hormonal glands in the body so each class will enhance the qualities of that chakra and help transmute any shadow aspects in the chakra which are ready to be illuminated or cleared.
Each 75 minute beginners class will be a full Kundalini Yoga set which will begin with a tune in. There will be a few select postural warm ups or pranayama (breathing practises) followed by the full Kundalini Kriya set (sequence of postures for the intention of the practise) This is then proceeded by deep relaxation & meditation
In this 4 week series you will:
  • Activate, enliven and balance your first 4 chakra (key energy centres in the body)
  • Strengthen and balance your bowel, hormonal digestive immune and circulatory systems
  • Learn to safely and beneficially apply the ancient practises of Kundalini in a contemporary yogic context.
  • Challenge yourself
  • Confront self-imposed limits
  • Be provided the space to experience the subtleties of your inner most self
  • Be guided to experience your highest, purest consciousness.
Fee Structure: $85 for 4 week course
Email [email protected] to register
What is Kundalini Yoga?
Kundalini Yoga practise has a profound effect on our body balancing and strengthening all our functional systems not limited to but including our nervous, immune and hormonal systems.
It also affects the garden of our mind which guides our emotions and actions. We learn to weed out self belittling and self judgmental thoughts and re sow with compassionate and loving thoughts. We learn to maintain a neutral perspective rather than be thrown into the polarities of negative or positive mind states at their extremes. Kundalini Yoga benefits the mind by giving it the experience of the infinite. This allows our awareness to hold the reins of our thoughts so that they can be harnessed for creativity, happiness and peacefulness.
Through the practise of Kundalini Yoga we receive a direct experience of our infinite spirit selves, Which then allows us to express from our inner wisdom and embodiment. The relationship of our individual conscious awareness to the universal infinite consciousness allows us to come into direct realisation of our true selves.
The sequences (kriya) in Kundalini Yoga are prescriptive and as such naturally medicinal. The practises quickly and very effectively create harmony and balance because they are so complete to a particular focus. Kundalini Yoga interweaves sequences of postures, conscious guidance of the breath, mantra and meditation for particular time durations. These time structures are designed specifically to create certain positive effects in the chemistry of the body’s systems and also resilience and strength for enhanced vitality.
If you have already attended Bless The Stress – you are more than welcome to attend this 4 week series again, and repeat. As we know this is a powerful practice that needs to be repeated.
Following this there will be another series focusing on the upper chakra.

7pm to 8:15pm. 4 weeks from 6th July 2021 to 27th July 2021

Nadi Wellness Queenstown

Sandi Murphy

Investment: $85 for 4 weeks BOOK HERE