The Aquarian Teacher, Level One Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training Program 2019/2020

Dates: 9 – 15 November 2019
30 March – 5 April 2020
23 – 29 May 2020

Nadi Wellness Remarkables Park

Lead Teacher Trainer: Suraj Kaur Khalsa

Training Team: Harjinder Kaur | Gopalpreet Kaur


Course Fee is NZD $4,300.

Contact us for Payment Plan options. The course fee includes all teaching, textbooks, materials. This is a non-residential retreat.
All accommodation and meals are separate to the course fee.

Early Bird Price

First 5 to sign up receive a NZD $500 discount and full payment is required by 9 September 2019.

The Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training course is experiential, it opens your awareness, allows you to shed old layers of habit, it is an adventure into your true self.

Whether you want to become a teacher or simply want to learn more about yourself and the technology of kundalini yoga, our Level One Teacher Training offers a transformational experience.

We welcome you to join this years teacher training to learn those valuable tools and guidance for you to live your best version of you and share your greatest potential.

  • ready implement lasting positive change in your life
  • connect to your gifts and potential
  • embrace self love on a deeper level
  • to immerse yourself in an ancient science that gifts tools and techniques for all situations in life that are effective and simple
  • connect to a worldwide community
  • find meaning and connect to your true self
  • experience deep healing
  • become comfortable on the teachers mat
  • connect to your inner stillness
  • learn to live life without the pressure and daily stress
  • see yourself go beyond what you feel you are capable of!

“After practising Kundalini Yoga for many years I finally signed up for the Teacher Training. It was the best decision ever. It was a beautiful journey which helped me in more ways I could have ever imagined. It was a wonderful gift  I gave to myself. I would recommend Teacher Training to anyone! The teacher team was very supportive and helped everyone to grow while delivering the teachings of Kundalini Yoga in their original form.”

Liv Lundelius

Level One Instructor: Foundations

The complete KRI Level 1 (Instructor) Aquarian Teacher Training program is a 220 hours professional training in Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan. An interactive course in the theory, practice, and basic skills of a Kundalini Yoga Instructor, it includes 180 hours of classroom instruction and 40 hours of independent study, assignments, personal practice, a 40 day meditation practice and White Tantric.

Foundations introduces the student to the principles and practices of the self-sensory human, and explores how Kundalini Yoga and yogic lifestyle can harmonise and uplift the human experience and awaken your true potential.


There are six principle components for a Level One program:

  1. Kriya and Meditation: The foundation of Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan. The theory and practice of Kundalini Yoga kriyas, asanas and mudras. Explore the nature of the mind and how we train the mind through meditation, mantra and pranayam.
  2. Humanology and Philosophy: The Lifestyle of a Kundalini Yoga Teacher. The history and tradition of Kundalini Yoga as well as the underlying philosophy behind all yogic practice. The technologies of Kundalini Yoga as they apply to healing and humanology (the science and technology of daily living), including, birth, death, relationships, lifecycles, nutrition.
  3. Anatomy and Physiology: Essentials of Yogic and Functional Anatomy. Traditional western Anatomy, its purpose and function, including all the body systems and their relationship to the practice and teaching of yoga. Yogic Anatomy and the energy systems of the body including the Ten Bodies, the Chakras, the Nadis, Pranas and Vayus.
  4. Consciousness of a Teacher: Virtues and Values of Living in the Golden Chain. The skills and techniques to become an effective instructor, including practical strategies for teaching beginners, ethical guidelines, curriculum development, and the transformational role of the teacher in developing a successful yoga practice.
  5. 5. The Master’s Touch: Cultivating a Connection to the Connect with Yogi Bhajan through the Golden Chain, through the Masters Touch. Understand the Legacy and Lineage of Kundalini Yoga.
  6. The Practicum: Teaching from Day One. Practical experience instructing a yoga class under the supervision of a KRI Yoga Teacher Trainer, receiving written evaluation and student feedback.

“Teacher Training was an incredibly transforming experience for me. It was made easier however being in the presence of experienced, supportive and nurturing teachers. Challenging and Enlightening. A must for anyone looking to improve themselves and raise their consciousness.”

– Daljeet Singh / Nic Trombetta