Moving From Stress to Rest

A look into the inner workings of our mind body connection.

Join Jazz Braden for a 60 minute session combining lessons from neuroscience, physiology and the mind body connection as a means of understanding how to reduce anxiety, recover from stress, stay focused on goals and ultimately be happier and healthier humans!

Some of the topics and tools covered will include:

  • Why stress has a bad reputation – and how it can be good for us!
  • How to notice when we are stuck in the stress response loop
  • Ways in which to use our breath to shift into a rest state
  • Why community, connection and gratitude are key to creating new thought patterns
  • A guided full body relaxation technique for deep sleep and fast recovery
  • Together we will learn and apply real time tools for maintaining these mindful habits in a busy life.

Please wear warm and comfortable clothing and a notebook if you wish.

7.00pm – 8.00pm
Sunday 1 November 2020

Nadi Wellness Queenstown

Jazz Braden

Investment: $20