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Include Massage Therapy in your wellness routine to slow down and relax.
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Queenstown Massage Therapies

  • 30min $89 | 45min $119 | 60min $149 | 90min $199
    Price per person
  • Relaxation Massage

    Melt away tension with this Swedish style massage, which uses long rhythmic strokes to lengthen and loosen stressed muscles. This deeply relaxing massage promotes circulation, calms the nervous system and allows body and mind to fully recharge while washing away your aches and pains.

  • Therapeutic Deep Tissue Massage

    Relieve sore and tired muscles with this therapeutic, deep tissue, sports massage. Deep tissue techniques are used to increase circulation, help with muscle recovery, and release knots and trigger points., This massage is perfect for the hiker returning from a tramping trip, skier returning from the mountain, mountain biker coming off the trail, or any other adrenaline-filled adventure. This massage is perfect for those out to enjoy the mountains, tracks or trails Queenstown has to offer.

  • Pregnancy Massage
    All our mums-to-be can find full bliss with this relaxing massage that eases all your aches and pains. With cushions set up to help support your belly while you are side-lying, this pregnancy massage will leave you floating off the table. If you are in your first trimester of pregnancy, or have a high-risk pregnancy, please consult your doctor, as it is not always recommended to receive a prenatal massage at this time.
  • Couples Massage

    Enjoy your massage side-by-side in our special couple’s room. Each of you will get to select whatever style of massage you would like and share this blissful and relaxing experience together.

Nadi Signature Massage Styles

  • 30min $99 | 45min $129 | 60min $169 | 90min $219
    Price per person
  • Nadi Signature Massage Styles
    *ask us about what styles our current massage therapists are trained in
  • Hot Stone Massage
    Warm your body inside and out with heated stones gliding over your tired muscles. The hot stones move with the therapist’s hands to warm and loosen up the muscles in order for the therapist to work deeper into the muscle fibres and target stiff muscles in order to provide maximum relief.
  • Healing Head Massage
    Lay back and relax as your therapist drizzles warmed, infused oil onto your scalp, massaging and holding pressure points throughout your head and face to relieve stress and tension. This treatment is especially effective for those who experience sinus discomfort or stress induced headaches, and is a great way to invite extra hydration to the scalp and hair.

The Ultimate Luxury Massage

  • 60min $299 | 90min $399
    Price per person
  • Tukutahi Synchronised "4 Hands" Massage
    Get ready to be supremely pampered with this choreographed treatment involving two massage therapists working simultaneously on one client to create an “out of this world” experience for the mind and body with this 4 hand massage!

Add Ons

15MIN $30 | 30MIN $50

  • Foot Massage & Mask
  • Hand Massage & Mask
  • Abdominal Massage
  • Facial Massage
  • Scalp Massage
  • Myofascial Release
  • Shower

    *No charge for shower, must be booked in advance


$5 | $10

  • The Herb Farm Mother-to-be-Oil

    100% natural body oil that increases skin’s elasticity to help prevent stretchmarks

  • The Herb Farm Soothe and Repair Cream

    A natural cream to help reduce redness and soothe dry, itchy and irritated skin conditions

  • DoTerra Ice Blue Rub

    This essential oil blended cream provides a cooling and warming sensation that is perfect for muscle recovery as well as soothing aches and pains from all your Queenstown activities.

  • The Herb Farm Hydrating Overnight Face Mask

    A creamy natural face mask that deeply hydrates overnight so you wake up to soft, radiant and nourished skin.

  • Gua Sha Facial

    Your therapist will use a rose quartz Gua Sha tool to stroke and ‘scrape’ the skin with gentle pressure, which helps reduce puffiness and signs of ageing by tightening and toning the skin, increasing blood circulation and improving lymphatic function. The Gua Sha tool will also help the products penetrate deeper into the skin in order to moisturise and promote a brighter complexion.

  • Meditation

    Get the full holistic, out of body experience and enjoy a recorded, guided meditation lead by Director of Nadi: Sandi Murphy during your treatment.

  • Biomat

    Take your treatment to the next level of holistic health by incorporating the Biomat into your experience. Unlike traditional electric blankets, the Biomat combines Far Infrared light, negative ion technology and amethyst crystals to provide warming relief, faster repair and regeneration of muscles, as well as regulating the body’s immune, endocrine, lymphatic, and nervous systems.

Become a Member!

Invest in a WOW Membership – your Warrant of Wellness. Choose the perfect combination of your favourite Nadi services as part of a rolling weekly membership. Include massage, salt float, sauna or all three!
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  • 30min $89 | 60min $149
    Price per person
  • Nadi Signature Facial
    Whether it’s a 30 minute express facial or the full pampered treatment, our Signature Facial will enhance your youthful glow and leave your skin feeling deeply moisturised. This facial is completely customised to your skin type and uses all natural & organic New Zealand plant herbal extracts and high-quality products.
  • Facial options include: acne-prone skin, oily skin, sensitive skin, dry skin, normal skin, combination skin, anti-aging, or our more masculine scented product range.

Body Treatments

  • 30min $89 | 60min $159 | 90min $209
    Price per person
  • Energising Body Scrub
    Your therapist will use a beautiful, natural, New Zealand scrub to rub the dry skin away whilst energising and invigorating the body. After the scrub has been applied, you will enjoy a quick 5 minute shower to remove all the product before you lay back down to relax. Your massage therapist will then apply a body butter to deeply moisturise your glowing and soft skin.
  • Warming Body Wrap
    Warm your body from the inside out with our Warming Body Wrap treatment. Your therapist will start by massaging a hydrating mask onto your skin. Afterwards, you will be wrapped in a cocoon of warmth and can enjoy a relaxing scalp or foot massage while the mask penetrates deep into your skin. You will have the option to shower after the wrap, although we recommend leaving the product on to keep working its magic!
  • Koru Feet
    This luxurious foot and lower leg treatment incorporates a foot soak in a holistic, copper bowl, followed by a foot scrub with our beautiful, natural New Zealand scrub. Finished with a relaxing and moisturising foot massage to soothe aching feet, you will be walking on air afterwards!

Seasonal Package

  • 2.5hrs $249
    Price per person
  • Warm up this Winter with our 2.5 hour long Winter Warmer Package!
    45min sauna + 15min shower
    45min full body hot stone massage
    15 min warm cacao butter neck/ shoulders massage
    15min face massage
    15min warm oil bergamot/ rosemary scalp massage
    100% warm bliss!

“Trust the Chef” Treatment Package

  • 3hrs $399
    Price per person
  • Leave the decision making to our team, and enjoy our wellness version of a restaurant’s “trust the chef” in this relaxing, 3 hour package that may include anything from massage, facials, body treatments, infrared saunas, and/or salt floats.

Build Your Own Package

  • 3hrs 10% off | 4hrs 15% off | +5hrs 20% off
    Price per person
  • Do you like being the driver of your own wellness? Then build your own treatment package and give your body exactly what it needs! This can include anything from massage, facials, body treatments, infrared saunas, ice baths, and/or salt floats.
  • *Discounts only available on full-priced treatments and must be booked directly through Nadi.


Cancellations can be made before 5.00pm the day before your treatment. If booked directly with us there is a 5% non-refundable credit card fee (included in all our prices as shown), this is non-refundable even when canceled within the cancellation time-frame. When canceled or no-show within the cancellation time, no refunds are possible.

We have a 24-hour cancellation policy. Any changes or cancellations within this timeframe are not eligible for a refund. Last-minute cancellations are not accepted as our time is as valuable as is yours.