Clarissa Benke

Clarissa’s life in Queenstown began around 10 years ago, with a Working Holiday visa to New Zealand eventually unfolding to be a life-changing experience.

Clarissa originates from Santiago, Chile. Coming from a background studying in dramatic arts and movement. Seeking a new challenge and direction in life, it brought her to the shores of Aotearoa. It was here she discovered her calling, developing a serious passion and vocation for yoga.

About 9 years ago, invited by a friend, Clarissa attended her first Bikram class. From that moment on, she found herself practicing that particular style, 6 classes a week, for over a year. With this, her curiosity expanded to other styles of yoga practice, developing and experiencing a love for Hatha and Dynamic Hatha.

Two years into practice, the call from within to become a Yoga instructor arrived, to this day, never forgetting the moment she found her purpose in life.  With the decision made, the travel to India to undertake 200hrs Hatha Yoga Teaching Training was locked in.

Clarissa became a facilitator for internal understanding and external change in the world. She found the need to share the knowledge of Yoga, and help anyone who could benefit from the practice just like the practice had helped her.

This was her way to give back what she had received from her practice. Helping to cultivate this ancient knowledge, that can be the key to becoming a better human, connecting with others, and to care for our world.

Clarissa has been teaching Yoga since 2014. Beginning as a part-time job, developing through time, to become her full-time career path. Gaining further experience through 100-hours Yin teaching training, Trauma-based Yoga Workshops, Meditation, and various other courses.

Attending Clarissa’s classes, you will find that she is very lighthearted and never shy to enjoy a laugh. Feeling that want to connect with everyone like equals. Who will always invite you to honor your body, and your practice, every time you step on the mat.