Clarissa Benke

Coming all the way from Chile, South America, Clarissa arrived in Queenstown in 2010.

Her background was always related with physical and spiritual work. She started with a very serious school theatre group, this continued beyond her schooling years and while she was studying to become Vet Nurse.

She always knew that she wanted to express herself in a different way so she decided to move to Argentina to study dramatic arts at the university there. This was where Clarissa got deep into psycho- physical training and started to discover that body and mind were not separate entities. With the training given in the university, including yoga classes as a warm up, she started to feel as one. In her extra time she practiced some circus disciplines such as aerial silk and trapeze, also participating in a successful street Art company. It was then that she got invited to take a life changing trip to New Zealand.

Clarissa started working in New Zealand in the hospitality industry, all was looking great for her but she wanted to continue training. She got into Bikram yoga on friends advice, here her love story with the yoga discipline began. ย After one year of constant practice Clarissa was curious with others styles of yoga, she decided to try a Hatha Style class.

It was then she realized how big the world of asana practice was and how beneficial it is in all senses. She realized then that she wanted to become a teacher to share these benefits with others. She continued her practice until she felt ready for yoga teaching training. In September of 2013 she completed 200hrs YYT in Rishikesh Yog Peeth, India.

Now Clarissa is focused on sharing her love, passion and experience of Yoga with the world.

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