Emily Ruygrok

Emily is a certified Hatha, Ashtanga and Vinyasa yoga teacher from Auckland who has recently moved to the Queenstown area.  Emily has always been extremely passionate about holistic health and developed her strong connection with the practice of yoga while attending university. She travelled to India to pursue this passion and to immerse herself in the traditional yoga culture. She completed multiple teacher training courses and went on to teach at the well respected Kranti Yoga Village in South India. During her time away she also studied yoga philosophy and meditation in a range of ashrams and centres throughout India. She is now a dedicated meditation and mindfulness practitioner, which is reflected in her classes.  Emily’s teaching style is uplifting and supportive, while she places a huge importance on how yoga is more than just a physical practice.  She believes that yoga is medicine for the modern world and sees the practice as an important method of developing clarity, peace and self-love. Emily is also a certified nutritionist and passionate vegan and loves surrounding herself with like-minded people.

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