Heidi Firth

Heidi & Yoga merged during a very long healing journey back home to self.

In earlier days, the drive for movement (exercise), came from a place of not feeling safe in the world & controlling the body as a coping strategy for dealing with subconscious pain & trauma.  

After competing in Australia’s ANB Bodybuilding Competition in October 2006, she was forced to attend to her inner world & what lay hidden.

Over the subsequent years, many healing modalities were practised & integrated, to assist in the softening and healing of pain & suffering within. Creating healing, connection & embodiment of feminine energies to balance and come into union with the once dominant masculine within. No small feat. 

As a result, she now embodies a greater depth of wisdom & compassion for self & others. And after various courses and the completion of the Nadi Self 50 Hour Foundations of Yin training with Renee Jessup, she is able to lead others into creating a nurturing Yoga space that invites a deeper dropping into self, greater love, kindness & gentleness in our bodies & being. 

She believes we ALL need this! In order to experience balance & harmony in the world, we need to create balance & harmony within ourselves first & foremost.

Coming home to self is the most important & meaningful journey you will ever take.