Gabriella Swan

Intuitive Counselling

Gabriella combines her Intuitive Counselling gift, medium guidance, and her personal life skills into a specialised one-on-one consultation.
  • Gain more confidence in your life choices
  • Feel more at ease with life’s challenges
  • Be reassured
  • Get greater clarity in your life’s journey
  • Feel supported to make better decisions for your life.
  • Experience greater peace.
  • Some say “she’s an angel with hidden wings”

Space Clearing

Homes, offices and land hold the history of their past which can often affect its present occupants. If you are experiencing disharmony in your professional or home space, cleansing the energy can bring about a new and clear environment from which to operate. By working with you, your family and colleagues, I can facilitate the balancing of land and space, and offer suggestions to enhance and maintain a pristine and healthy environment.

Life’s short: so make the most of it!

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