Sunny Sky – Intuitive Life Coach, Energy Healer & Peaceful Parenting Coach

“Helping you live a vibrant, healthier life with unlimited possibilities”

Introducing ‘Sunny sky ‘ of Epic Living!

Sunny is a unique Natural Health practitioner integrating holistic wellbeing practices, and the higher consciousness to help you transform into a more vibrant, healthier YOU! Sunny intuitively coaches helping align mind-body-spirit and soul connection.

Life Focus

Sunny will support, motivate and help guide you in all aspects of your life to feel healthier, happier, and living with more clarity and ease integrating practical coaching goals and wellbeing tools.


Helping release any negative energy, patterns, beliefs, or past traumatic experiences on a conscious and subconscious level. Sunny addresses the cause and symptoms of any discomfort holistically by looking at the whole picture.

Her goal… transformational results!

  • Intuitive Life Coaching – helping you embrace your unlimited potential, heal any aspect of your life, and connecting you more to your whole infinite BEing.
  • BioEnergy Healing – feel more energised, eliminating any dense stagnant painful energy.
  • Sound Healing – personalised intuitive meditation, using Tao chimes, crystal and Tibetan singing bowls. Enjoy relaxing sound healing journeys aligning your chakras, feeling a deeper sense of self-awareness, connection and have more vitality.  Restores balance in your body offered with every consultation.
  • Family Wellbeing – coaching peaceful parenting solutions and holistic counseling/ mentoring for the whole family.
  • Holistic Stylist – transformational makeovers. Learn how to embody your true colours, feel and look amazing with Sunny’s professional styling, colour therapy and motivational coaching.

Natural Health Practitioner / Holistic LifeCoach / Intuitive / Emotional & Somatic Stress Release ESS & SSR / Compassionate Communications Coach / Wellness Kinesiology / Intergrative Quantum Medicine Practitioner TM / Mindfullness Educator / Peaceful Parenting Coach / Colour Therapist / Holistic Stylist / Youth Mentor / Creative Therapist / Bio-Energy Healer / Theta Advanced DNA / CoachU