Lauren Wilding

Lauren is a Kiwi girl originally from Greymouth, on the West Coast.

After dancing my way through my childhood, I discovered Yoga. My passion for body movement was fed and enhanced by learning and experiencing what Yoga is all about. Like most, I was lured in by the challenge of the asana practice, which left me feeling alive, energised, happy and calm. I feel while on my mat that the rest of the world disappears, just for those moments where I can move, breathe and be in a way that is true and real.

After some years practicing with inspiring teachers and friends all over the world, I traveled to India and studied Yoga in Rishikesh with a small, quiet, bow-legged Indian teacher who taught me what Yoga is really about. He helped me drop the ego which wanted to always push, and guided me through incredible energetic experiences through Pranayama and Meditation. He taught me ancient Yogic Philosophy which still rings so true. He offered me an authentic Yogic experience which still moves with me in every class.
I love teaching. I love sharing my passion for Yoga. I absolutely love the look on students faces after practice. I love the way Yoga changes lives in so many different ways. I am so grateful to the people in my life who have guided me in this direction, and I am excited to share my passion with those who happen to land on a mat in my class!

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