Lilia Rossana

Lilia is a Brazilian with a gypsy soul who has travelled to over 40 countries and lived on three continents. She nourishes the idea of living life to the fullest with a grand sense of adventure, and her passion for movement and finding the pulse in nature made her choose New Zealand as home.

Both yoga and travel have taught her to follow her heart and soul, to not be afraid of taking chances or live in uncertainty. To appreciate and feel the grandness of nature, and to understand we are connected, we are one.

Most importantly, through travel and yoga, she understands that adventure and fulfilment can also be found in stillness, in going within instead of going outwards.


Each time she steps onto the mat, it is with a huge sense of gratitude and respect. She is so honoured to hold space and be fully present in the moment so her students can find a safe space to quiet their minds, practice awareness, and connect to their bodies and hearts. You will find a deep focus on breath, alignment, intuitive movement, and meditation in her classes.

Her passion for teaching comes with an understanding that she will always be a student, continually educating herself and looking for ways to deepen her knowledge.