Mark Hunter

  • Mark Hunter Yoga Teacher Queenstown

Mark is an outdoor type of guy and enjoys the Queenstown lifestyle and is passionate about health. Having been a natural health practitioner for 17 years and a health educator for 12 years, he is also passionate about guiding other people to achieve their best level of health.

Originally from Brisbane he moved to Queenstown with his partner Lynne in 2007. Since living here, they have been practising in their natural therapy clinic as well as teaching Bowen Therapy through their school Fascial Kinetics, which has instructors teaching in New Zealand and Australia.
Mark first started practicing yoga 16 years ago in Brisbane with Peter Bisson and has maintained a regular self and class practice ever since. Since moving to Queenstown Mark has been inspired by training with the wide range and high quality of yoga teachers that Queenstown has fostered.

One of his most recent yoga teachers, Rachel Land, inspired Mark to become a qualified yoga teacher to combine his deep understanding of how the body heals with the benefits of yoga.

Mark completed his yoga teacher training with Inspya Yoga in Byron Bay, Australia, and his style encourages both strength and agility, yet balances his dynamic focus with quieter reflective stretching postures & pranayama techniques.

He believes that yoga is one of the best activities we can do for ourselves to help maintain the bodyโ€™s health and wellness, and compliments and enhances healing.

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