Dave Pollock


Dave brings a unique style combined with first hand experience to the world of personal growth and development.

His seminars have been described as being humorous, poignant, laid back, of exceptional quality, yet always transformational.

Dave Pollock, founder ‘Cool Boredom’ Life SciencesIt was while travelling overseas in 1992 that Dave first encountered Reiki. Further research into Reiki led him to the Reiki Network founded by Dr. John & Esther Veltheim. Reiki had a profound impact on the way he lived and perceived life. With a promising professional sporting career cut short, he focused his attention on furthering his knowledge and training in Reiki, completing his Masters training in 1995.

This soon led him to explore new protocols and philosophies which enhance human potential and understanding. Having seen the dynamic effect that the techniques used have on improving the quality and wealth of one’s life he has gone on to establish ‘Cool Boredom’ Life Sciences.

None of the techniques have any link to Religions, Cults, or Dogmas. They are based on both scientific principles, together with the world’s great Wisdom Traditions.

`Cool Boredom’ Life Sciences
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