How to get out of your Head and Surrender in Bed
with Nina Powell

7:30pm – 9:30pm Thursday 26 September 2019

Nadi Wellness Centre, Remarkables Park

Nina Powell

Investment $20

The mind is often non-stop and totally wild.

It tries to pull you away from the exquisite pleasure available from being present in the moment, and one place where this can be particularly frustrating is with sex.

You might have a sense that you have never fully surrendered to all the pleasure that your body is capable of. Perhaps it makes you wonder if it is even possible. You may feel that you have to EFFORT to have an orgasm, lots of focus, and even then it doesn’t always work. Or you have a Wall of Resistance to even beginning.

This class will teach you Three of the Secret Keys to Surrender. It won’t be what you think.

Nina is passionate about the UnDomestication of women where pleasure is a spiritual path and you are the one with power over your body and your life. This is a process of rediscovery and reinvention where you you become magnetic, powerful, and like you are living the life that is meant for you. Your UnDomesticated nature is seen as your feminine soul, without her we are essentially dead, or the Living Dead. Nina’s signature process of UnDomestication provides you with Secret Keys that are derived from ancient cultures combined with modern science. The process literally changes you at a cellular and nervous system level and women for the first time ever meet their Soulmate, finally feel relaxed and open sexually so that their Soulmate relationship has the sex they’ve been dreaming of, clarity drops in for what you are supposed to be doing in your life, new business opportunities come in, and life starts to unfold in the way it is meant to. Open, open, open and reside fully in the throne of your body.

Come join her Free Facebook Group where women come to become UnDomesticated and activate their divine Wolf Woman. When you allow yourself to embody your UnDomesticated nature you become free, sexually empowered, instinctual, fiercely loving and loyal. An UnDomesticated woman is like a mama bear who would tear down anyone who dares to shame or shut down other women. Whatever you see and feel envious of in another is within you too, waiting to be activated.

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Nina teaches you how to reinvent yourself and live turned on, authentic, fierce and free. Your Wolf Woman is your catalyst for becoming your most daring and accomplished teacher and leader with an untamed heart and a beautiful and alluring presence.
Nina left her successful corporate consulting career to become a transformational guide for women. She is a Somatic Sex Educator and Coach, Sexological Bodyworker and Holistic Pelvic Care Practitioner with a background in Occupational Psychology and Human Factors consultancy. Nina’s many modalities also include Somatic Experiencing, Tantra and Taoism. Her work is very much rooted in her Tantrik meditation practice from the Vajrayana lineage under the teachings of Reginald Ray and Caroline Pfohl. She lives in Wanaka, New Zealand, with her partner.