Women’s Hormonal Balance Immersion with Sharon Sztar

1pm – 4pm Sunday 3 November 2019

Nadi Wellness Centre, Remarkables Park

Sharon Sztar

Investment $85

Spaces are limited to 14 attendees

An afternoon to acknowledge, honour and nourish your feminine essence

With Sharon Sztar

As women we are first and foremost cyclical beings. This means we ebb and flow with the seasons of life, not unlike the ocean, moon and other creatures of nature. Yet we’ve been brought up to believe our shifting tides aren’t ‘normal’, leading to many of our modern-day anxiety, stress and fatigue-based diseases. It is only through honouring our innate feminine essence and cyclical nature that we can truly achieve optimum wellbeing.

Join Sharon Sztar for a Women’s Hormone Balancing workshop where you will reclaim your womb health and develop a new relationship with your womanhood. This speciality session is appropriate for women at every phase of their cyclical life; from the onset of puberty to the sun-setting of menstruation at menopause.

Utilising the Stillness Through Movement (STM) practice, a unique sequence of supported restorative poses, vibrational medicine (aromatherapy and essences), conscious breath and mind awareness techniques, together with nurturing feminine rituals, this workshop will assist in the regulation of your reproductive hormones and endocrine system.

Who will this workshop benefit?

This practice is for every woman, at every phase of her cyclical life from the arrival of menses at puberty to the sunsetting of menses at menopause. In particular it supports women with:

  • Irregular, absent or difficult menstruation
  • Irregular ovulation and infertility
  • Endometriosis, PCOS, Fibroids
  • Post-uterine and breast cancers
  • Perimenopause and menopause
  • Womb and womanhood disconnection

Specific workshop outcomes

  • Regulate your endocrine and nervous systems
  • Soften and release tension from your abdomen and pelvic areas
  • Consciously create space for the activation and opening of your reproductive organs
  • Relieve PMT, PMS and PMD
  • Support absent, difficult or painful menstruation and irregular ovulation and infertility
  • Appease fatigue, tiredness and stress associated with imbalanced hormones, especially around perimenopause and menopause
  • Smooth the transition into puberty and menopause
  • Activate and nourish the pituitary gland (master hormone)
  • Nourish and regulate apana energy
  • Reconnect to primordial feminine shakti energy
  • Discover simple rituals and techniques to help embrace your cyclical nature

What to expect in the workshop?

Unlike a traditional yoga class, STM requires no striving in poses; actually we request the complete opposite. Our goal is to release the body and mind from all striving as it’s only in this space that the body can relax, activate the PSNS and therefore begin to heal. This is
why it is the ideal practice for anyone suffering from fatigue, stress related-illnesses or chronic pain. Most of the poses are also done on the floor which helps to counter the effect of gravity; you’ll definitely notice the difference. It’s an extremely nurturing practice, yet it also refreshes the mind and body so you feel as if you’ve just woken up from a deep sleep.

Feedback from past attendees

“This session with you has created a big shift in how I feel about my womb and being a woman. Very surprising! I didn’t expect such a shift.”
Janelle, Kinesiologist and Healing Centre Owner
“There are some teachers you stumble across who resonate with you in an instant, for me this lady is one. Sharon teaches a restorative style of yoga called STM and is a wealth of knowledge in terms of fertility, menopause, women’s cycles and more. Plus her practice offers the deepest reset for your nervous system I have experienced.”
Shelley, Yoga Teacher
“I thought I was alone in how little I knew about my womb and femininity until I came to your workshop and found out everyone in the room was in the same boat! Yet we all left armed with much more knowledge and with greater confidence in our female form because of your passion in teaching women about the one thing we all have in common.”
Franca, Meditation Teacher

For more information, feel free to contact Sharon on [email protected]

Sharon is a certified Stillness through Movement (STM) Teacher, Wellness Educator, Feminine Embodiment Mentor and Writer from Melbourne, Australia. With a career spanning 15 years in corporate marketing and communications for PwC and IBM, Sharon’s life took a dramatic change in direction after spending seven years with debilitating life-threatening Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS). Moving to the hinterland of Byron Bay for six years, she healed through realigning with nature and her own innate feminine rhythms. Passionate about exposing the link between stress, fatigue and illness and our ‘unnatural’ busy lifestyles, Sharon’s work provides both an oasis and panacea to 21st century living.

For more information, feel free to contact Sharon on [email protected]