Di Yuan ‘Earthly’ Qigong with Kim Knight

2:00pm – 5:00pm, Sunday 22 September 2019

Nadi Wellness Centre, Remarkables Park

Kim Knight


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1/2 Day Workshop

2:00pm ~ 5:00pm Sunday 22 September 2019

Di Yuan, ‘Earthly’ Qigong, is the second of the Qigong methods within the 9 level Yuan Gong system.

Whilst in Tian Yuan, (the first method of Yuan Gong), you gather Qi from the universe into your body to replenish your Qi (energy / prana) reserves, in Di Yuan, (the second method), you learn how to store this Qi so it can be used by the body-mind for maximum benefit.

When practicing Di Yuan, a ‘still standing’ form, you learn how to store and personalize the Qi you have gathered in Tian Yuan. Whilst it is useful and beneficial to first learn and practice Tian Yuan before Di Yuan, you can learn and practice Di Yuan directly, as it has many benefits, such as calming the monkey mind, centring mind and body, preserving energy, increasing mental focus, strengthening will and more.

When you learn Di Yuan, you have a life-affirming Qigong method which you will be able to use for the rest of your life to improve and uplift your life. Continuous practice of Di Yuan improves health and also lays the foundation for further Yuan Gong learning.

Workshop Agenda

  • Learn the theory and practice of Di Yuan ‘Earthly’ Qigong
  • Learn about your 3 ‘Tan Tien’  – 3 inner reservoirs of energy / storage centres in your body, each of which store a different type of Qi
  • Learn essential Ren Xue theory which underpins the practical Qigong exercises of the Yuan Gong methods
  • Learn the ‘6 verses’ for preparing the mind and body for Di Yuan Gong Qigong practice – these 6 verses prepare the Shen (consciousness) and Jing (body) to develop calmness, inner harmony and focus
  • Increase your personal will (Zhi) which is closely related with the Kidney energy
  • Increase feelings of centredness, calmness and ‘staying calm amidst the storm’
  • Learn a Qigong routine which is safe, effective and easy to practice with immediate health benefits

Common benefits of Di Yuan:

  • A calming of the chatterbox mind
  • A sense of inner harmony and peace
  • Relief from physical symptoms and pain
  • A positive realignment of posture which in turn increases natural Qi flow, which in turn turns on the self-healing response of the body, which in turns promotes natural healing
  • Release Qi (energy) blockages which create pain and discomfort
  • Renewed clarity of thinking leading to increased creativity and productivity
  • Better energy and a new habit of storing rather than draining or wasting precious life force energy reserves
  • A balancing of the Qi in the internal organs and meridian pathways
  • And a lot more!

This workshop is suitable for Yuan Gong practitioners of any level, from complete beginners to advanced. How is this possible? When you learn Yuan Gong you enter each class at your current level of learning, and grow and develop your expertise from there.


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