Tian Yuan ‘Flying Qigong’ with Kim Knight

11:30am – 5:30pm, Saturday 21 September 2019

Nadi Wellness Remarkables Park, Queenstown

Kim Knight


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3/4 Day Workshop

11.30am – 5.30pm Saturday 21 September at Nadi Wellness, Remarkables Park

Tian Yuan, ‘Heavenly’ Qigong, is the first of the 9 methods of Yuan Gong Qigong.

When practicing Tian Yuan, you use the mind and physical movements to facilitate self-healing and revitilization from the inside out.

Tian Yuan helps to clear energy blockages in the body, especially in areas such as the shoulders and neck where many people hold stress and tension.

Tian Yuan is simple to learn. A short course is sufficient to enable you to start your own practice, and practice DVDs and guided audio Mp3s are available to continue your practice at home

Continuous practice of Tian Yuan improves health and also lays the foundation for further Yuan Gong learning.

  • Learn the theory and practice of Tian Yuan ‘Heavenly’ Qigong
  • Learn essential theory behind why and how Qigong works to increase your energy and improve wellbeing
  • Practice ‘Qigong squats’ to harmonize Qi flow in the Qi meridians (channels)
  • Learn how to connect with the universe to draw in Qi to your body using mind and physical movements
  • Learn a Qigong routine which is safe, effective and easy to practice with immediate health benefits
  • Learn a life-affirming Qigong method which once learnt you have for the rest of your life to improve and uplift your life ongoingly
  • and much more!


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