Our Queenstown yoga studio features inspiring yoga classes, workshops, yoga teacher trainings, and some of the region’s best yoga teachers.

With over 20+ Queenstown yoga classes a week, we invite you to come and join us on the yoga mat and meet our wonderful community.

Since December of 2010, we’ve been teaching yoga from our fully equipped studio in Queenstown. Our classes are unique and our team of passionate and talented teachers are here to guide you and share their love of yoga.

With a variety of different styles of yoga, specialist workshops and events, there’s something for everyone, whatever age or level of fitness and experience.

  Inside the Nadi yoga studio, a comfortable and welcoming space awaits you.
A space to relax, heal, grow and awaken.

A warm and welcoming Queenstown yoga space for all.

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Nadi Queenstown Yoga – Daily Schedule

Nadi Yoga classes are guided by our experienced teachers at our Queenstown studio and live-streamed online.  We offer over 20+ classes per week suited to most people, with options for beginners to advanced yogis.

Nadi Yoga Pricing

Invest in yourself (or someone you love) with access to over 20 yoga classes per week.

We offer a flexible range of pricing options from 7-day holiday passes to monthly memberships, to help you maintain your yoga practice.

Join us online or in our studio.

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Become a Member!

Invest in a WOW Membership – your Warrant of Wellness. Choose the perfect combination of your favourite Nadi services as part of a rolling weekly membership. Include massage, salt float, sauna or all three!
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Must book in 30 minutes prior to class.  Online class passes are not valid for in-studio

  • Casual Drop In
    One single online yoga class. Valid for 12 months.
  • 7 Day Unlimited
    Unlimited online yoga for 7 consecutive days.
  • 10 Class Pass
    10 Online Yoga Class Pass


From $184

Private yoga with Sandi Murphy is available
in our Nadi studio or at your choice of location (mobile).

IN STUDIO – 60mins $184 | 90mins $196
*Up to 12 people
MOBILE – 60mins $207 | 90mins $219
*Up to 10 people, $25 more per person

Nadi Yoga Teachers

Meet our qualified and passionate yoga experts who guide our Nadi yoga classes.

Our experienced teachers bring a variety of styles including Slow Flow, Vinyasa, Hatha, Yin & Meditation, Restorative & Yoga Nidra, Kundalini, and Prenatal Yoga.

Nadi often hosts guest teachers and community classes, so check our schedule regularly for surprise teachers, workshops and events.

Nadi Yoga Styles


A breathwork class where you will learn various techniques and methods that will allow you to use your breath to support you in living a fuller, healthier and happier life.

Express Hot Core

A unique 30-minute class designed to strengthen and tone your abdominals and lower back while you also learn how to properly engage your core and experience how it can expand your yoga practice.


Hatha’s main design is to regulate and awaken life force in the body-mind for the ultimate purpose of self-realisation.

Hot Hatha

A Hatha practice that brings in movement, breath and meditation in a room set between 32-35 degrees Celsius.


An energetic yoga flow with strong poses and creative sequencing, designed to challenge and inspire.

Hot Flow

A Vinyasa style class that involves a synchronisation of breath with movement, transitioning fluidly between postures, in a room set between 32-35 degrees Celsius.

Intro to Yoga

This class is the perfect introduction to anyone who has never practised yoga or has felt unsure about not “knowing all the poses.” Your teacher will break down the traditional yogic sequences and teach you commonly taught poses as well as breathing techniques so you have all the confidence to follow along in any yoga class.

Matrescence (Postnatal) Yoga

This class is aimed at mothers of any stage after 6 weeks postpartum. Particular attention will be focused on restoring the core, building strength and regaining mobility in the whole body.

Morning Sadhana

A generous morning meditation and pranayama practice, followed by a short sequence of yin yoga postures to gently open up the body in this meditative state


This mat pilates class focuses on developing strength, stability, and flexibility with resistance based exercises to increase body confidence while also maximising posture and function.

Pregnancy (Prenatal) Yoga

Focuses on gentle yoga poses, breath and meditation. A beautiful way for pregnant women to connect to their baby.

Slow Flow

A slow and steady flow practice that can be more gentle or just as strong as a Vinyasa practice.

Sound Bath

In this experience you will be resting in a comfortable position while being immersed in a soundscape created with a range of instruments including crystal singing bowls, Tibetan singing bowls, voice, guitar, and percussion.

Yin + Meditation

A slow and relaxing class holding postures for longer periods to help release and strengthen, merged with a short meditation practice to support connection with your breath & body.