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Dimensional Being Online Yoga Series

Sandi Murphy invites you to join her on the yoga mat to experience this 10 class, multi-dimensional journey, filmed by Storyworks amidst the magnificence of Sandi’s magical homeland in Queenstown, Aotearoa, New Zealand.

This visually stunning online yoga series offers an epic backdrop for an eclectic experience for your body, mind and soul through the practice of Vinyasa, Hatha and Embodied Movement. The classes are created to support you to experience a deeper feeling of your truest self through the practice of yoga as a living art.

This 10 class online yoga series is curated to be experienced in a sequential order the first time around as each class connects with the vibrational progression of the Chakra (energy centres of the body) and the Universal Natural Elements which include: earth, water, fire, air/space, ether, light and thought.

The first yoga class sets the base for a strong foundation of support and connection with the Earth Element and Mother Earth. Initiation of movement is from the bones as they are the inner architecture of earth within the body. This cultivates trust, presence and a feeling of prosperity within. Each class then builds from there weaving together the principles of Embodied Movement to enhance the depth of your yoga journey.

This series is designed to be revisited; as you grow and transform throughout your life. The repetitive practice of this online yoga series will help you refine your embodiment and to gain a fuller appreciation and understanding of who you truly are.

An extraordinary online yoga journey for anyone, any time, anywhere.

What do you get?

By purchasing the Dimensional Being 10 class online yoga series, you will gain:

  • Lifetime access and ownership of all 10 classes through your free Vimeo account with no expiration dates
    • Video Streaming: All content can be streamed on web browsers, mobile devices, and via Chromecast & Apple TV directly to your smart TV at home
  • Downloadable 10 Day Challenge Step-by-Step Guide
    • 10 Journal Prompts
    • 10 Embodiment Practices
  • Exclusive offer on our bi-annual 30 Day Dimensional Being Challenge

These practices may challenge your self limiting beliefs and encourage reframing of unserving thoughts by empowering change with new and healthy perspectives.

Learn to apply discernment so that negative thought tendencies can be intercepted with neutral or positive thoughts.

The Asana (movement), meditation and Pranyama (breathing) of the Dimensional Being Yoga Series can help:

  • Reduce stress, anxiety, depression and insomnia
  • Increase focus and concentration
  • Increase calmness and relaxation
  • Improve self esteem and self worth
  • Evoke evenness of temperament and a balanced state of mind
  • Empower positive transformation

Through this yoga series and repetitive practice, you will:

  • Increase the flexibility & strength of your muscle fibres which may correlate with weight reduction and increased vitality
  • Increase blood and lymphatic circulation
  • Increase hydration in fascia (connective tissue) for optimal health and energy circulation
  • Bring balance to the nervous system
  • Bring balance to the endocrine (hormonal system)
  • Feel improvement in your energy and alertness
  • Experience stronger respiration, cardiovascular health and overall circulation
  • Protection from injury and potentially injury recovery (with the guidance of your medical professional) and increase body awareness and posture
  • Increased and balance of metabolism

These online yoga classes can help deepen your understanding of your own spirituality.

  • Align more fully with your core values so that your thoughts, words and actions manifest effortlessly, truthfully and more peacefully
  • Be of better service to your highest self and flowing from this to be of better service to others and life
  • Experience the subtleties of your innermost self
  • Realise your highest potential and purest consciousness


The Dimensional Being Yoga Series are 10 online yoga classes taught by yoga teacher Sandi Murphy in the great outdoors of the magical Queenstown, Aotearoa, New Zealand that are focused on the transformation of the mental, emotional, spiritual and physical body.

All you need is yourself, an open mind to everything the yoga classes may reveal to you, a device to stream the class (a web browser, mobile device, smart tv such as Chromecast & Apple TV, etc.), a yoga mat, and any props that may assist you in your yoga practice (strap, block, blanket, journal, incense, etc.)

Every yoga class is special and unique so we would never say that the Dimensional Being Series is more or less special than another class or series! But in terms of creations by yoga teacher Sandi Murphy, the Dimensional Being Series is special because it is filmed in the beautiful outdoor space here in Queenstown and are classes designed to build upon each other to help you grow a deeper connection to your inner self. She often draws upon these concepts in her 200 Hour Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training, so she has filmed these 10 classes to give anyone who hasn’t taken her training, a feel for what they can discover through the power of their open-mindedness and yoga.

Free online yoga is a great option to explore your practice with different teachers and styles so we’re not saying choose one or the other when you can enjoy both! But in addition to enjoying free online yoga classes, the Nadi Wellness 10 class Dimensional Being Yoga series is quite a unique and bespoke offering, as it was shot in the majestic outdoors of Queenstown and developed by yoga teacher Sandi Murphy to be experienced in a sequential order to connect with the vibrational progression of the Chakra (energy centres of the body) and the Universal Natural Elements. It is also designed to be revisited; as we grow and transform throughout our lives, repetitive practice of this yoga series will help you gain a fuller appreciation as well as understanding of who you truly are.

At any point, if you decide you don’t want to continue with your online yoga app subscription, you will lose access to all those online yoga classes. Purchasing this online yoga class series gives you a lifetime ownership and access to it. Additionally, your online yoga app subscription may end up costing you more than the one-time fee ownership of this online series.

It is recommended to do the series in the set order the first time around as this 10 Class yoga series is designed in a sequential manner that correlates with the vibrational progression of the Chakra (energy centres of the body) and the Universal Natural Elements. This should in turn help your consciousness to better understand the practice and the evolution of your practice physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. However, once the series has been completed in full, it is suitable to choose classes according to what resonates with you on any particular day.

Your body-mind loves repetition. The more you repeat the classes the more you develop your muscle memory and refine your connections in the sequences. Not only will you find deeper layers of meaningfulness through repetition but you will experience more grace and ease in your body, mind and soul. As you repeat the postural patterns neural pathways in the brain become more myelinated (coated), which allows the practises to become more embodied within your physical body (physiology) and awareness (psycho spiritual).

Your yoga practice can be whatever you want to make it! You will definitely feel yourself utilising strength in these classes and there are cues for you to modify to a stronger pose if you feel your body calling for it.

Absolutely! The Dimensional Being yoga classes do build as you move through them, so if you find yourself challenged by one of the classes, you can repeat it as many times as you would like until you feel confident enough to move on to the next class. The beauty of owning the series is you can repeat it as many times as you would like meaning you will always have the ability to grow, improve and gain experience.

There are 7 main Chakras in the human body, which are each a spinning sphere of bio- energetic activity that have a specific physical and psychological function that collect, transform and distribute energy through the system which affects our overall wellbeing in several ways. Chakras are not physical entities that can be held like a physical object, but like feelings or ideas, they have a strong effect upon the body/mind. Our basic physical and mental health is affected by each Chakra and can be balanced, activated and enlivened through mental concentration, breath retention and visualisation.

The Dimensional Being Series is not specifically designed to be appropriate for pregnant women. The classes are a mixed level practise for students who are in good health and do not have acute injuries. It is always advisable to check first with your health practitioner to ensure that the practises are suitable if you do have health conditions/injury recoveries. It is otherwise recommended that you apply the variations provided and choose that which is best suited to your capabilities and do your best to respect your limitations on any given day. You can always modify according to your body’s needs and even rest and miss a few poses while still staying attuned to the practice if necessary.

The Nadi Wellness Dimensional Being 10 Class Yoga Series is available online on Vimeo. Once you have set up your free Vimeo account and purchased the series, you have access to it for life and can stream it on any device such as a web browser, mobile device, smart tv such as Chromecast & Apple TV, etc.

After you purchase this online yoga series on Vimeo, you will be able to watch it immediately. At the end of every class you will have a prompt to give us your email address so we can send you your Downloadable 10 Day Challenge Step-by-Step Guide materials that include 10 Journal Prompts and 10 Embodiment Practices.

Through the practice of this yoga series, you will experience a deepened awareness through Asana (movement) and Pranayama (breath & meditation). When you move off the mat and explore journaling in response to the questions provided and experience the embodiment offerings, it brings your practice outside of the class itself and integrates it into your everyday life.

Terms and Conditions

Nadi Wellness is not a healthcare specialist and therefore cannot tell you whether you should or shouldn’t perform an exercise.

Always consult your doctor, physician or healthcare specialist before participating in any movement, breathwork or exercise classes (this includes classes taught by Nadi Wellness teachers in studio, live streamed and online).

All exercises and use of this program are performed strictly at your own risk.

By purchasing this online yoga series, it is understood that the instructions given throughout the classes are intended only as a guidance. It is therefore the responsibility of the person practising/the user to adjust the practice to his/her/their limitations to ensure no personal injury occurs.

The person practising/the user will take full responsibility for himself/herself/themself during the yoga classes and Nadi Wellness is released of any responsibility for any injury sustained and will not be responsible for any direct, indirect, consequential, special, exemplary or other damages, complications or injuries that may result from the use of our in studio, live streaming or online classes.