We offer Ice Bath sessions in a luxurious and private setting.

Book a one-off session or series of treatments, or join one of our group sessions to learn all about the benefits. Combine an Ice Bath with our Infrared Sauna treatment to experience the benefits of Fire & Ice.

Cold Water Immersion Therapy, also known as Hydrotherapy, is where you move from sitting in the cold of an ice bath to standing in the heat of a hot shower.

About Ice Bath Therapy

You may spend up to a couple of minutes in the ice bath before moving to the hot shower to warm the body up again, which encourages the natural recovery process of the body, enabling the relief of many medical conditions and physical ailments.

The ice bath therapy then works by dilating the blood vessels in the heat and then constricting them in the cold. This results in alternating the blood from flowing to the internal organs and extremities. For this reason, many athletes use cold baths and other forms of cold therapy to speed up recovery after physical exercise.

Besides the many wonderful physical benefits that cold water therapy boasts, cold water immersion also greatly supports mental wellbeing. Submerging your body in 15 degrees celsius water requires steady, conscious and deep breathing. This is something that in day to day life, we do not typically practise. Breathing in this way, floods our cells with fresh energy, lowers our heart rate and encourages relaxation. 

Furthermore, frequent sessions in the cold water bath, builds resilience and mental discipline which can be harnessed in everyday life, to tackle tough situations and personal challenges.

View Ice Bath Terms & Conditions and Health & Safety

We ask that you please wait to schedule your ice bath if you have:

  • Had your hair coloured in the last 2 weeks
  • Had a keratin treatment to your hair in the last 4 weeks
  • Had a spray tan in the last 2 weeks
  • Currently have henna colouring on your hair or skin
  • Experiencing Contagious Disease/Fever/Cold/Flu Symptoms
  • Have open wounds or skin ulcers
  • Undergoing chemotherapy

“We have become alienated from nature. But the cold is capable of bringing us back to what we once lost.” –Wimhof

Benefits & Precautions

Research has shown that there are multiple benefits to cold immersion therapy:

  • Reduces Swelling and Inflammation
  • Enhances Sleep
  • Boosts Metabolism
  • Speeds up Muscle Recovery
  • Relieves Depression
  • Improves Circulation and Blood Flow
  • Chronic Pain Relief
  • Improves Immune System
  • Overall Sense of Wellbeing
  • Energy Booster, Elevates Mood, and Improves Focus

Check with your Physician before booking your cold immersion therapy if you have:

  • High or Low Blood Pressure
  • Epilepsy/Seizure Disorder
  • Currently Experiencing Diarrhoea/Incontinence
  • Open Wounds or Skin Ulcers
  • Heart Conditions
  • Sensitivity to Chlorine, Bromine, Sulfate or Magnesium
  • Mobility issues
  • Circulatory System Problems
  • Diabetes Type 1 or Type 2
  • Skin Insensitivity or Hypersensitivity to Temperature

Ice Bath FAQs

When it is the first time, you should limit your time to a maximum of 5 minutes in the ice bath.

When receiving an ice bath therapy treatment, you do run the risk of hypothermia if you submerge in the bath for too long. It is your responsibility to listen to your body and not submerge for longer than 15 minutes.

Ensure that you rise out of the bath very gradually and slowly to avoid any light headedness or slipping. Then make your way to the hot shower to warm the body and feel the “tingly” sensation of the cold immersion therapy working.

Any time after 24 hours is recommended, however, if you can time it so that you are using the ice bath as soon after exercise as possible, that will have the greatest benefits.

Cold Immersion Therapy at Nadi is not suitable for those who are currently:

  • Under the age of 16
  • Under the influence of alcohol or illegal substances
  • Experience Epilepsy/Seizures that are not controlled by medication
  • Currently experiencing Diarrhoea/Incontinence
  • Have open wounds or skin ulcers
  • Sick with Contagious Disease/Fever/Cold/Flu Symptoms
  • Undergoing Chemotherapy
  • Have sensitivity to Chlorine, Bromine, Sulfate or Magnesium 
  • Have skin insensitivity to temperature 
  • Have skin hypersensitivity to temperature 
  • Had hair coloured in the last 2 weeks
  • Had a keratin treatment to hair in the last 4 weeks
  • Had a spray tan in the last 2 weeks
  • Currently have henna colouring in hair or on skin