A Decade of Nadi Wellness – A Brief History

by Sandi Murphy 

Nadi (Formerly known as Yoga Nadi) sprang into life in December 2010.

Actually, Nadi had been brewing a long long time before doors first opened. I, (Sandi) have been practicing yoga since 1998 and have been teaching since 2006. With over a decade of experience, and experiencing many ebbs and flows in life, Nadi has grown and transformed over the last decade.

It seems crazy to write this, and to look at where Nadi has grown from and how she as a business has grown and regenerated over the years. It seems like only yesterday I sat on the floor in the reception, propped up by cushions, welcoming the students through the door, feeding my daughter Siena (who was a small bundle of joy at the time). To now, when we reflect back on the past 10 years.

Right at the beginning of Nadi’s story, though to this present day I have been constantly challenged and amazed by the journey of Nadi. I often describe her as a Phoenix, as she has risen from the flames (quite literally when we had a fire in the laundry room) and she has flown through the highs and the lows and moments in between. Nestled between these glorious mountains and a powerful energy center at the foot of Lake Wakatipu. 

When I was thinking about writing this blog post, I decided I wanted to share some stories along the way, plus to thank everyone who has at various stages in Nadi’s history, played an important role in furthering our vision. The list would be incredibly long to also include all of our amazing Teachers, and Therapists past and present who have been through Nadi’s doors. You know who you are and how you have helped. A huge heart-filled, THANK YOU. 

NADI is 10 years old and wouldn’t have come this far without… My dear Dad, who passed away in 2019. He was an incredible pillar of support and guidance with his business experience and always inspired me through the challenges.

My mum Judy Murphy who has helped tirelessly on late evenings, weekends and in many ways from sewing curtains to running around for sundry last things for expos etc, and is a magical support. 

Finally a big thank you to my incredibly dedicated brother Dan who goes above and beyond, to lift the heavies and always pours his heart behind me, as if the business were his own. Kylie my sister, is the mastermind behind the organisation of Nadi’s bookkeeping and we couldn’t run without her, big thank you sis.

Thanks to all my family and dear friends, you know who you are.

A few stories, many to tell but to keep things flowing…

For me Nadi has and continues to be a powerful light entity and a game-changer when it comes to a deeper more authentic connection with my Self and our community. I have seen firsthand how she transforms others lives too.  Many others have benefited greatly as I have from the collective sharing of our expert and talented team of yoga teachers, massage therapists and holistic practitioners. 

Over the years we have hosted international teachers, created expo fundraisers for our favourite charity organisations and collaborated with other businesses. Our retreat offerings in Queenstown and hopefully again soon to Bali are a ‘real treat’. We are growing a thriving alumni of graduates from our yoga alliance accredited 200hour yoga teacher trainings.

I am truly overwhelmed by the thousands of kindred and beautiful souls I have had the privilege of meeting over the years…those I’ve worked alongside, collaborated with, learned from or taught since her conception 11 years ago. 

To the past, present and future members and facilitators of Nadi wellness I offer you my ‘heart full to overflowing’ gratitude and love. 

I hope you will enjoy this 1.5 minute film piece put together by the divinely talented Holly Wallace at Storyworks and her team. This clip captures who we are as a business and what we value most in service to you, the community and wider whole.

I see Nadi expanding further over the coming years, with an evolution to the digital space offering: Dimensional Being Class Series, Yoga Teacher Trainings Online, plus local and International Yoga Retreats, Massage & Holistic Therapies. I see us continuing to be a beacon of support for optimal health, soul nourishment and connection in widening commUNITY.

I’ll just leave this here with a simple sign off: here’s to the next decade, whatever comes next, I’m certain it will be big!

Sandi x 

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