Spiritual Seekers Guide To Queenstown – A Weekend Summer Visit! 

By Alana Cayabyab 

Yoga teacher training lead by Sandi Murphy at Nadi Wellness Queenstown
When it comes to beautiful and stunning landscapes and the need to have a soulful and spiritual adventure, Queenstown is the place to be! Here are some tips for your weekend summer visit.


Start your weekend off right by booking a lovely yoga class at Nadi Wellness. With the studio overlooking stunning Lake Wakatipu and the Remarkables mountain range, you will surely experience a sense of serenity during and after taking a yoga class at Nadi. Not only will it help you feel more centered and grounded, but there are countless benefits of yoga- such as improving balance and flexibility, increasing muscle strength and improving cardiovascular health. Yoga also helps you manage stress and develop a strong sense of inner awareness.

You can also treat yourself to a relaxing massage or acupuncture treatment at Nadi Wellness. There is no better way to unwind than to make time for yourself. You can take in this awe-inspiring view from one of the massage rooms there!

Connect with nature:

Go outside and connect with nature by going for a lovely stroll in the tranquil Queenstown Gardens. The Queenstown Gardens is a great spot for a relaxing picnic or just a nice place to retreat from downtown Queenstown. There is a beautiful pond, home to large lily pads, ducks and little ducklings. There are also stunning lake views from the point of the garden peninsula.

You can also enjoy the beautiful gardens and take a moment to stop and smell the roses. Take your practice of yoga off the mat to help you fully experience and be in the present moment. Spend time breathing in the fresh mountain air. Embrace the feeling of connection and revitalization you will feel after being immersed in the charming nature of Queenstown.  

If you’re wanting a bit more of a hike, check out Queenstown Hill, which typically takes about 2-3 hours roundtrip. Enjoy the iconic lookout spot, ‘Basket of Dreams’. This is a great spot to reflect, find some inner peace, and soak up the powerful mountain and lake energy. Along the track are 6 information plates and illustrations about different time periods in Queesntown’s history including Maori settlements, the goldrush and the development of Queenstown to Adventure Capital of the World. 

Stores, events & cafes to explore:

Another lovely way to enjoy Queenstown is to explore some of the great shops. Just around the corner from Nadi, go check out Hettie’s Rock and Crystal Shop.  You could purchase a crystal that correlates to a particular chakra, such as rose quartz which helps heal, clear, and open the energy of the heart. Besides an assortment of beautiful crystals, they also sell palo santo. Burning palo santo helps reset the negative energy of a space and bring in positive healing energy. 

After all of the exploring, you might be keen for something delicious and nourishing to eat. One of our favorite spots is Bespoke Kitchen. Their delicious menu changes with the seasons. A couple of the tastiest items on the menu are their pancakes and their matcha latte! Talk about a yummy combo!!!

Lastly, don’t miss out on the Remarkables Market, happening every Saturday from 9 a.m.- 2 p.m. from October-April out in Frankton. You’ll find tasty local produce, takeaway food, crafts, and live music. Enjoy the mellow vibes, local feel, and the unique mountain atmosphere.  

Enjoy your beautiful stay in Queenstown! May you enjoy all that this lovely town has to offer, and hopefully leave this place feeling a bit more sense of calm in your soul.

Thank you for reading, have a blessed day x