Emma Kraft

Emma, originally from Sweden, has been practising yoga for 20 years and recently decided to take her passion for the yoga philosophy further and become a teacher. She comes from a background as a personal trainer and over the years she has been running everything from private PT sessions, couples sessions, small group trainings, to mums and bubs classes.

Her classes have always focused on functional movement as the core, and over time as her love for yoga has deepened, her classes have become more and more yoga inspired. She completed her 200 hour Vinyasa Teacher Training with Sandi Murphy in 2021 and has since then added on a 50 hour Yin Teacher Training with Renee Jessup, both trainings at Nadi.

In her free time, Emma loves spending time outdoors, especially in the mountains. Her two big passions are bikes and skiing. Emma finds yoga the perfect complement to her favourite action-filled sports and truly believes everyone will benefit from more zen in their lives.

For Emma, movement simply is medicine and something she wants to offer to her clients and students, no matter the age or experience. Her classes are strong yet mindful, and her aim is to deliver a workout for the body as well as a sanctuary retreat for the busy mind.